Few Tips for Visiting Prague on a Low Budget

If your quench for the old-world charm combined with lots of Gothic things has made you subsequently zero-down on the charming Prague, rest assured, this is one choice you will be proud of. It is only in the recent time that the city has garnered considerable attention, owing to a nightlife that remains to be the underdog of tourism here, apart from the trend of exploring places with a rich history and culture.

All this befitting every budget, big or small has made Prague one of the most trending European destinations. You can spend as many days as you wish to, in Prague; albeit three to five days, are the best bet. Being on a budget does not compromise any of the attributes of this alluring city. Take a que on how to visit Prague on a budget form this Prague Itinerary 3 days.

Free Walking Tours

Prague Castle

One of the best things to do in Prague for free, There are a ton of tour operators in the city that humbly offer these tours. Taking you down historic lanes and alleys, these tours are highly enlightening. In fact, they are very easy to take on your own too. While doing so visit the free Prague tourist attractions of Prague Castle’s certain parts of the complex, the Saint Vitus Cathedral that dates back to the 14th century, and the likes of St Michael Church, John Lennon Wall, Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock.


Prague is abundant with gorgeous boutique hotels that are pretty budget-friendly. However, the hostels cannot be beaten at their unparalleled prices. Given the rise in the city’ tourism, Prague’s tourist factors such as accommodations, food, and transport are observing an uphill trend. The hostels remain to be the cheapest of accommodations and you can still find cheap beer and food here, where you can easily put up for 3 days in Prague or the duration you plan to be for. Hotel Booking Online also some of its perks, if you book a good time in advance.

Prague boutique hotels

Budget Food and Beverages

You can manage to find cheap eating and drinking options despite the fact that Prague is an expensive city. Owing to the big number of students here, the city is having lots of cheap food joints which are a regular jaunt for these.


You will even find discounted lunch meals at certain restaurants. Restaurants such as La Finestra, Pasta Fresca, Aromi, Field and the fabulous Aureole are the most common choices for cheap meals, and some even promising picturesque views of the city.

Explore the Outskirts


You can get the best of Prague in 3 days or the number of days you are planning to visit, by venturing outside the city limits. The mainstream attractions are quite well priced, apart from a few like the cathedral that are free of cost. Moving outside and exploring the regions of Holesovice, Karlin district, Letna, Vrsovice and Vinohrady and Zizkov are copious with breathtaking vistas and scrumptious, authentic food.


Lucerna Music Bar

3 days in Prague itinerary can have no guarantee of weather. Prague can get rainy or too cold for you to venture out the streets and open attractions. In this case, it is always a good idea to head to the indoor arenas of the city that promise some fabulous entertainment. Place like the theaters and music bars of Svetozor, Kino Svetozor cinema, Lucerna Music Bar, even have cheaper rates on weekdays!
The above tips and tricks of Prague will ensure that you have a sojourn that you will cherish for life. Don’t forget to live the moment!


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